Riley Gryc - Creator and Co-Showrunner

Riley Gryc  |  he/they|  Creator & Showrunner  |  A long time lover of the arts and all things nerdy, Riley spent many years working in various industries trying to figure out where he fit. From expediting in a restaurant to being a front of house manager, he eventually decided to stop putting his creativity aside and fully embrace that dormant passion.


Angela McCain  |  she/her  |  Producer & Showrunner  |  Angela is a director and creator on the Nerdsmith Network, where shares her passion for characters, storytelling, and crafting worlds. She's spent the last several years running large-scale digital audio projects.

She loves exploring the entire creative process. Acted as showrunner, voice director, actor, and editor for "Fables Radio," a fan adaptation of the Fables graphic novels by Bill Willingham, and for "Threads in the Vayl", an original fantasy mystery audiodrama. She was a producer, casting director, writer, and vocalist for The Cantata Pansophical's "Vox Machina: An Exandrian Musical", a fan parody of the entire Hamilton musical soundtrack that told the story of the Chroma Conclave arc in Critical Role's first D&D campaign.


Zak Price  |  he/him  |  Producer & Audio Engineer  |  Born from the Goth/Industrial scene of the late eighties, Zak Price aka Evil Z took up spinning in 1989. From there, his passion shifted towards the burgeoning rave scene in the mid-nineties, and Evil Z has never looked back since. Becoming one of the biggest underground names for the genre of "Hardstyle" is not an easy task. But that is exactly what Evil Z did. He is a true veteran and pioneer of Dance Music in America.

In 2016 Zak decided to take his considerable audio production skill in a different direction, focusing on audio book narration, voice acting, and voice over. Now with a family of 12 narrators and numerous Audible 5 star reviews, his recording label Imagine Audio is ready to serve all your audio book narration, voice over, and audio production needs.  


 Susana Pardo, aka Lionrae  |  she/her  |  Animator  |  Susana is a ttrpg-obsessed biology graduate who really wants to make drawings move. The Spanish Pactless Patrons branch that nobody really expected.


Alexandre Halah, aka Dettan-Arts  |  he/him  |  Animator   |  Alexandre is an artist, animation student, and aspiring writer. A huge fan of the fantasy genre, TTRPGs and cartoons! The Brazilian branch that nobody really expected.


Omega Jones  |  he/him  |  Music Producer  |  Omega is an artist & performer who is just striving to be a light in a community of love & peace. He's been singing literally since he first began to walk. Music has been in my his blood for generations. He studied vocal music education at Missouri State University, and is striving to be a full time stage actor with an emphasis in musical theatre.

He has been fortunate enough to star in a multitude of productions, including Jesus Christ Superstar as Jesus, Dreamgirls as Jimmy Early, Violet the Musical as Flick, and Ragtime as Coalhouse Walker Jr. He is an award winning actor in St. Louis, receiving accolades for his performances in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Evita, The Drowsy Chaperone, and also receiving the St. Louis Theatre Circle award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical for Ragtime. The arts are an extremely big part of his life & it's why he wants to turn his passion into a full time career.


Kelli Butler  |  she/her  |  Music Producer  |   Coloratura soprano Kelli Butler is no stranger to the stage, whether it be in opera, recital, or musical theatre. As a child from a military family, Kelli was raised in a multitude of locales, including Germany & the Eastern US, where her love of opera blossomed at an early age.

Kelli also tweets and creates content under her #OperaGeek brand. She is an active member of the streaming community, appearing regularly on Twitch playing Dungeons & Dragons, Tabletop RPGs, & streaming videogame playthroughs. You can follow her geekery on her Twitter page here.


Brandon Dixon  |  he/him  |  Team Coach, Our Mace Windu  |  Brandon (Swordsfall Studios) is not only the amazing creator, writer, and badass for the Swordsfall RPG, he's also our Kickstarter Coach! He has run two successful Kickstarters to date. His guidance, consulting, and support through this process was invaluable in bringing our project to life. Want someone to guide you on the path to a prepared and professional Kickstarter campaign? Consider reaching out to Brandon as a consultant for your next project!


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